November 2018 software updates available

New bike models supported

  • C650 Sport (K18) 2016+
  • C650 GT (K19) 2016+

Also includes service functions for the XABS9M ABS Pro, XBCL Body Controller and XFSA Satellite Body Controller on K001 bike models.


GS-911 V1811.8 is available for download now from the HEX website

Changes to both the GS-911 PC app and GS-911wifi web interface

  • Various improvements and bug fixes
  • ECU Info shows the variant type for ABS controllers on K001 bike models
  • Autoscan shows the controller type (common name) of each controller
  • Realtime values for XASW (Active Headlights) on e.g. K1600 models
  • Realtime values for the XFSA (Satellite Body Controller) on e.g. K1600 models
  • Service Functions for the XABS9M (ABS Pro): Output and Bleed on e.g. RnineT models
  • Service Functions for the XBCL (Body Controller Lite): Lights, horn, grips on e.g. RnineT models
  • Service Functions for the XFSA (Satellite Body Controller): Heated seats on e.g. K1600 models 


Changes specific to the PC application

  • Improvements to Autoscan user experience (e.g. added a progress bar, detection of ignition status)

For more information, and to download the update visit the HEX website