July 2018 software updates available

Support for 2016+ bike models: F800GS, F800GSA, F800GT, F800R, F700GS, G310GS and G310R and service functions for the XBCO body controller on K001 bike models.

GS-911 PC Version 1807.1 now available.


New EU-4 compliant bike models supported:

  • F800GS (K72) 2016+
  • F800GSA (K75) 2016+
  • F800GT (K71) 2017+
  • F800R (K73) 2017+
  • F700GS (K70) 2017+
  • G310GS (K02) 2017+
  • G310R (K03) 2016+


New service functions for both the GS-911 PC app and GS-911wifi cloud:

  • XBCO body controller on K001


For more information, and to download the update visit the HEX website