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Ross-Tech wiki
The Ross-Tech wiki contains a huge database of special procedures for coding, special functions, basic settings and help with specific fault codes.

Because the Ross-Tech wiki is such a large resource, until you've used it for while, it can sometimes be hard to find the information you need.

Don't forget the search box at the top of every wiki page. It's often the quickest way to find what you need



Ross-Tech website
Home of VCDS / VAG-COM

Ross-Tech is the manufacturer and developer of VCDS/VAG-COM



The Erwin portal is the official aftermarket technical data website for VAG vehicles and contains wiring diagrams, and other technical data straight from VAG. It's a paid service so make sure you have the needed software on your computer before you start a paid session


Erwin Volkswagen

Erwin SEAT

Erwin Audi

Erwin Skoda