VAUX-COM can automatically detect the Year, Model and Engine code for most Vauxhall and Opel cars and vans.

To begin, click [Diagnostics] from the front screen. Then choose Automatic Vehicle Identification


screenshot showing choosing automatic vehicle identification in VAUX-COM


From the next screen, you'll choose the vehicle platform type.

The choices are

  • KWP-2000 for earlier models such as Corsa C, Astra G, Vectra B etc
  • GMLAN CAN for later model CAN based cars such as the Astra H, Vectra C, Corsa D etc
  • Vivaro / Movano for the earlier vans, and Movano-B for the later one

Screen Shot showing automatically detecting the year, model and engine code with VAUX-COM


After you click one of the vehicle type buttons, VAUX-COM will connect to the vehicle and extract information to detect the vehicle model, year and engine code

VAUX-COM now displays the details it has extracted from the vehicle

The details for this particular vehicle are:

  • VIN Number (partly obscured in the screenshot for security)
  • Model Year 2006 (from the 10th character of the stored VIN number (6))
  • Model Name Vectra C / Signum
  • Engine Type Code Z22YH
  • ECU Identifier 0x0623
  • ECM System Type Name MS 81 CAN

VAUX-COM screenshot showing autodetected year, model and engine code

After identifying the vehicle, VAUX-COM now offers 3 quick diagnostic routines

For CAN based vehicles, VAUX-COM can scan all available electronic modules and display the current status and number of fault codes in a single list, and for earlier non CAN based models, you can click directly to the engine ECM to read any stored faults

To see how to quickly scan the whole vehicle, or read fault codes from a single module, please see the section for reading fault codes