To read the list of fault codes in a single module such as ABS, Airbag or Engine etc, first click [Diagnostics], then select the year of the vehicle you are testing and click [Choose].

TIP: You can also double click an item in the list to save clicking [Choose]

Next, select the model of vehicle and click [Choose]

The different modules on the vehicle are grouped into sections according to their basic function, such as engine, body system, chassis systems etc. So for example, to diagnose the airbag, that would be under body, and to diagnose the ABS, you would choose chassis.

To proceed, select the vehicle area you want to work with.

Now select the system module you want to work with and click [Choose]

VAUX-COM will now connect to the module and display the part number, system type and other information.

Screenshot showing module part number displayed in VAUX-COM

When you have chosen the correct system, you will be able to read fault codes, view live data, actuate components, perform special functions or program the module