After installation or major reinstall update, you'll need to activate VAUX-COM before you can use it on a car.

NOTE: Your license allows you to run VAUX-COM on as many computers as you wish.

First click [Settings]

Image showing VAUX-COM front Screen

Now select your interface revision type from the drop down list and click [Save Config] (screen will close)

TIP: If you do not know your interface revision type, check the label or see VAUX-COM - Settings - Interface Revision Type

Screen showing VAUX-COM settings screen

Click [Settings] again and then click [Activation Parameters]. Enter your name and email address and click [Save Activation Parameters]

Optional. If you would like your workshop name, address, telephone number or other details included on any printouts or reports you save in VAUX-COM enter them on the left under Workshop Details. You can leave this blank if you prefer

Screen showing VAUX-COM activation parameters


Here is an example Fault Code Saved file with the workshop details as shown above

VAUX-COM example Fault Code readout


To activate automatically online, connect your interface to the USB port on your computer and wait a few seconds for the driver to install, then click [Diagnostics]

After a few seconds the activation will be complete (if the machine you are running VAUX-COM on does not have an Internet connection, please contact us for instructions on manually activating the software)