The latest update for VAUX-COM is available now to download from the website and via the internet update button in VAUX-COM settings screen


NOTE: Some users have reported seeing an error message when using the internet update button in VAUX-COM 110207. If you get an error, please download direct from the downloads section here (login required)


Update to software version 120603c includes:

Z22SE variant coding for Astra-G, Zafira, Vectra-B

Easytronic MTA Measuring blocks corrected, and Variant configuration added for Meriva, and Corsa-C, Tigra-B

Z16YNG Astra-G, Zafira Variant coding corrected

Corrections and additions to trouble code database

Insignia, Astra-J, Meriva-B TIM module, new variants added

Corsa-D BCM display RPO codes option added

Astra-J Engine A17DTR measuring blocks added

Astra-J Engine A14XER measuring blocks added

Several small changes to the main program


Thank you to all users who took the time to report errors or request new features, please keep the them coming.

The best way to send us requests and reports is by email. Please try to include a detailed DTC report (even if no codes are stored) as this gives us good car details to work from