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This is the main screen for the software and is where you choose the car model to be tested. Each button shows the model and age range that can be diagnosed by this tool.


vol-fcr model selection screen

After choosing the model you wish to diagnose you will see a new screen which shows all the available modules for the chosen vehicle


Modules shown in grey are fast data capable and can be diagnosed fully using VOL-FCR. Modules shown in yellow are not compatable with VOL-FCR and must be diagnosed using a flash code tool in a similar way to the led tester fitted as standard to the underbonnet diagnostic socket on older Volvo cars


After clicking the button for the module you wish to diagnose, you will see the following screen where you can start communications between the PC and the car

vol-fcr start communications screen

After communications are established you will see ECU information displayed. You can now read the fault codes which will be displayed after a few seconds

vol-fcr fault codes

When the list of codes are displayed the clear codes button is enabled. Of course you'll have to fix the car to stop them coming back!


Tdi Timing















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