Corsa D SRS Airbag module programming screen showing drop down boxes with configuration choices

Corsa D SRS Module programming. After replacing the SRS module in most Vauxhall models it is necessary to configure the new module to suit the car it is installed in. VAUX-COM makes this easy by displaying the options as drop down lists that you choose from



Screenshot showing VAUX-COM variant coding screen on a 2008 Astra H UEC
Variant Configuration. When replacing a module on a Vauxhall car, it is common for the module to be capable of covering many different options such as cars fitted with or without rain sensor, with or without cruise control, hatchback, saloon or estate etc. It's essential the module is configured with the correct options for the particular car it is fitted to otherwise it will not function correctly. In VAUX-COM this involves selecting present or not present on each setting, and choosing program to set the changes.

Before any changes are made, VAUX-COM makes an automatic "safety" backup of the current settings, so if you make a mistake and can't remember what you changed, you can get back the original settings in a few seconds by loading the backup configuration


Screenshot showing VAUX-COM setting the high speed CAN-BUS configuration in the CIM module
CAN-BUS Configuration. When replacing a module that is part of the CAN-BUS such as a CIM module, UEC or REC etc, the CAN-BUS options must be set. When usign VAUX-COM this is done easily by setting each item to present or not present



Screenshot showing fault codes in the vauxhall diagnostic tool VAUX-COM

DTC Fault Code screen. From this screen fault codes can be saved, printed, cleared and reviewed. Full details of each code is displayed, including the current status, showing whether the code is present now, or was recorded earlier. Also, for many codes there can be extra detail shown as 2 extra characters after the main fault code. VAUX-COM automatically decodes and displays these elaborations so you get the full text with nothing missing.
As well as manually refreshing the fault codes, you can set VAUX-COM to automatical recheck and update the fault code list every five seconds



Screenshot showing parking brake cable release, apply and calibration needed when replacing the parking brake cable on a Vauxhall Insignia
Parking Brake service routines. This screen is from the Insignia parking brake and enables you to release, apply, replace and calibrate the electric parking brake