VAUX-COM can read and clear fault codes from almost all Vauxhall cars and light vans. It's easy to use and all the fault codes are shown with the Vauxhall DTC number and the full English text meaning for the code
VAUX-COM fault code example for airbag system

This is an example screen from the airbag system and shows a typical example of the fault codes which may be displayed by VAUX-COM

Each code is shown with its DTC number and text meaning

VAUX-COM displays all full text meanings for the codes found so you do not have to refer to any other manuals to find out what they mean

Clicking on any displayed code will show more details about the code including whether the code is present (fault exists now) or intermittent (fault occurred in the past but is no longer present)

From the fault code screen you can also choose to print a copy or save them to your usual word processor, windows notepad or email etc.

Vaux-com airbag fault code from Vectra b showing fault in warning light circuitThis screen shows a fault code recorded from a Vectra B.

When the car was scanned there were some faults which the owner did not know about. He had only just bought the car and did not realise that the airbag light should come on for a few seconds when the ignition was first turned on.

Luckily, in this case it was just the warning bulb that had failed so the repair was simply removing the instrument cluster and replacing the warning bulb


This video shows VAUX-COM reading DTCs from the REC on an Astra H