If you have ever used a Tech 2 on a Vauxhall, I'm sure you were amazed at the sheer number of items you can test and talk to.

VAUX-COM can give you virtually this level of coverage at a fraction of the price. Almost all current models are included and almost all systems on those models can be diagnosed

The VAUX-COM PC / Laptop based diagnostic tool for Vauxhall

  • Works with almost all current Vauxhall models made from 1994 to 2012
  • Covers engine, airbag, ABS, alarm, instruments and many more
  • Reads fault codes from all modules and displays full English text for them
  • Clears fault codes from all modules
  • Shows live sensor data as seen by the cars ECU
  • Allows you to operate relays, solenoids and actuators
  • Program new keys and remote fobs (pin required)

The tool comes complete with intelligent hardware interface and software on CD-Rom. VAUX-COM is easy to use and includes email technical support for software use and diagnostic advice based on the results of the tests done with the tool. This means if you read the fault codes from a system and would like advice on what to do next, you can send us the scan and we'll use our many years of experience in real life diagnostics to help you.