VAUX-COM comes complete with a genuine intelligent microprocessor powered interface which is firmware upgradable. This means that as new features are added to new car models, the interface can be upgraded automatically by the software to incorporate them

The hardware interface:

  • Has all current diagnostic speeds and CAN-BUS
  • Can be upgraded automatically by software
  • Automatically selects the correct pin for the module being tested
  • Is designed as a genuine USB device. No compatibility problems
  • Covers all vehicles from 1994 to 2016 (10 pin adapter needed for pre 1997)

VAUX-COM hardware interface
Because Vauxhall use many different pins in the diagnostic socket, the interface has been designed to automatically select the correct pin for the system that is being worked on

All currently used communication speeds are included as well as low, medium and high speed CAN-BUS for later vehicles such as the Vectra C and Chassis CAN for the Insignia

LEDs on the interface show you what is happening as you use the tool

The USB cable is three meters long and we can supply an extension to take this to 6 or even 8 meters if you need it

The design uses the latest technology to pack all the components into a slimline case which allows the interface to be used on all known Vauxhall cars and light vans

This is a durable tool which will give many years of service and comes complete with software which is in constant development to add new features and models as they are introduced by the vehicle manufacturers