Ross-Tech VCDS will work with virtually all petrol, diesel and electric Volkswagen, AUDI, Seat and Skoda cars from around 1991 to current 2024 models.

It covers all the diagnosable modules including, engine, brakes, air-bag, instruments, HVAC, radio and other entertainment systems, electronic power steering and much more... basically, if the dealer tool can communicate via the normal car diagnostic socket, then so can VCDS

VCDS with the HEX-V2 or HEX-NET also covers VW/Audi based cars such as the early Ford Galaxy, and the VCDS with the HEX-NET can be used on VAG based Bentley and Lamborghini cars (note, these cars are not officially supported and we cannot offer technical support or help on them)

Please email us if you'd like to double check coverage on your car or need any other information

Note, very early models with the 2x2 connectors (mostly pre 1999) will need a 2x2 to 16 pin adapter, and early LT vans with the round connector will need the 14 pin round to 16 pin adapter. We keep them both in stock and they are available in our on-line shop