Smoke pro leak finding tool
The professionals choice to finding leaks - Fast!

The Smoke Pro line of EVAP APPROVED Diagnostic Smoke Machines are the most advanced products available today.


Save Time & Generate Profits

Few tools can save more time than the Smoke Pro. All Smoke Pro diagnostic smoke machines quickly pin-point leaks in the entire system and easily show you where the problem is. This ensures a complete repair and a satisfied customer.


Smoke Pro products are the essential tool for finding EVAP system leaks and many others, including:

• EVAP Systems
• EGR Valves
• Gaskets, Fittings & Hoses
• MAP/MAF Sensors
• Worn Throttle Shafts
• Brake Boosters
• Catalytic Converters
• Central Locking Systems
• Diaphragms & Seats
• Door & Window Seals
• Turbos & Intercoolers
• Oil Leaks
• Cracked or Broken Plastic Components
• Head & Tail Lamp Housings
• Cracked Manifolds………And Many More!

All Smoke Pro products utilise an advanced design with computer control and do not use glow plugs. Smoke Pro diagnostic smoke machines test EVAP systems with air similar to the method used by a vehicles’ onboard Leak Detection Pump (LDP). It is not necessary to use expensive and bulky nitrogen systems when operating a Smoke Pro product. All Smoke Pro products produce smoke using food grade or medicinal white mineral oil (common baby oil) and do not require costly smoke solution changes.