The GS-911 diagnostic tool is available in different versions so you can choose the one that is just right for you

If you want to use the GS-911 with a laptop or PC only, you could choose the you could choose the GS-911 USB 16 pin which covers the later bikes and can be used on earlier bikes with the 10 pin round connector using the 16to10 pin adapter (note this interface is limited to 10 VINs and cannot be upgraded to unlimited)

If you want to use the GS-911 with a laptop, phone or tablet, choose the GS-911 WiFi. It comes in 10 pin or 16 pin versions, but you can add an adapter to switch to the other type so you're completely covered. You can also remove the VIN limit with the new ProUnlimited subscription and have the GS-911 WiFi unlimited VIN

VIN Limits. The enthusiast versions of the GS-911 are identical in function and coverage to the professional, but are limited to ten different VINs (bikes). Some functions are not limited and can be done on as many bikes as you like (fault codes, live data and autoscan), but functions like service reminder resetting, brake bleeding etc are restricted to ten bikes or less. See this page for more details and answers to common questions regarding VIN Limits


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